About Ozone

Ozone is nature’s three-molecular solution for safer, more effective sanitation. Today ozone is used throughout many industries (by companies such as Intel and Coca-Cola) for its powerful disinfection properties, eliminating pesticides, viruses, fungal spores, bacteria, microorganisms and harmful chemicals.

Ozone is considered to be significantly safer than chemical disinfectants since it leaves nothing but oxygen as a by-product.

  • Patented off-gas destruct unit ensures complete OSHA compliance
  • Safe for all skin types, unlike a chemical disinfectant
  • Ozone is approved by FDA for direct food contact applications
  • Eliminates all known bacteria, fungi, yeast and protozoa

The following reasons led to the development of GO3 Commercial Disinfection System: Each day, millions of people become ill from food-borne diseases.

  • Each day, thousands of people die from a preventable food-borne disease
  • To meet the demand for effective disinfection in commercial facilities
  • To overcome the shortfalls of chemical disinfectants
  • To offer an environmentally friendly disinfection solution to professionals
  • To offer a cost effective complete disinfection solution system
  • Chemical disinfectants leave harmful residues and by-products
  • Removal of pesticides and chemicals is critical in food processing
  • Microorganisms can build up a tolerance to chlorine based disinfectants